The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Ayya Dhammadīpā's Dharma Talks at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery
Ayya Dhammadīpā
I aspire to offer teachings that are encouraging, that support people to discover how they are an expression of Dhamma. I'm particularly interested in the interplay between stilling and settling the mind, and opening to greater kindness and generosity of heart.
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2021-09-13 El Valor de la Honestidad 31:58
La vida del Buda y el poder de enfrentar nuestras dificultades
2021-07-01 Anxiety Responsive Care (ARC) 8:03
A standing guided meditation for moments of high anxiety
2021-06-21 Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: Fear and the Five Aggregates 30:09
2021-01-05 El Dharma Busca El Dharma 36:03
una plática que trata del Sendero y la vida monástica para las mujeres Budistas
2021-01-02 Awakening Within the Light of Metta 45:02
A guided meditation, cultivation of the seven factors of awakening within the meditation on radiating metta in all directions
New Year Retreat 2020/21
2021-01-01 Morning Reflection on Mudita 21:00
A short talk on empathetic joy in the natural world, and joy as a key aspect of the Buddha's teachings
New Year Retreat 2020/21
2020-12-31 Bright Mind of Compassion 39:28
A guided meditation on karuna, mudita, upekha
New Year Retreat 2020/21
2020-12-31 The Power of Loving Kindness 46:44
A Dharma talk on metta as well as karuna, mudita, and upekkha, their inter-relationships, leading to jhana and transformation of the karmic stream.
New Year Retreat 2020/21
2020-12-31 Reflection on the Four Elements as Food 8:54
Meal reflection
New Year Retreat 2020/21
2020-12-31 Simple Compassion Meditation 12:29
A guided meditation using brief phrases of compassion and the wish for beings to be safe
New Year Retreat 2020/21

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