The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Ayya Dhammadīpā's Dharma Talks at Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery
Ayya Dhammadīpā
I aspire to offer teachings that are encouraging, that support people to discover how they are an expression of Dhamma. I'm particularly interested in the interplay between stilling and settling the mind, and opening to greater kindness and generosity of heart.
2020-09-07 The Immeasurable Mind of Metta 56:54
A talk given as part of the Sunday program at Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group (SBMG)
2020-07-04 Celebrando Asalha Puja 54:32
Homenaje al Buddha, refugio en las tres joyas de Buddha, Dhamma y Sangha, los cinco preceptos laicos del Budismo Theravada, y una plática acerca del Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, lo que hoy en día entendemos como el primer discurso del Buddha. Parte de un programa especial el 4 de julio, 2020, el día de la luna llena de ese mes.
2020-06-27 Inner and Outer Interact at the Point of Contact 32:25
Guided meditation on the 6 senses, contact, impermanence, ends with chant of the 5 subjects for frequent recollection and a traditional Theravada blessing in English, chanting together with Ayya Santacitta. Offered as part of an online weekend retreat with White Heron Sangha.
2020-06-21 Investigation of the Breath 50:14
a guided meditation given as part of the Third Sunday program with the Aloka Vihara community that usually meets at Berkeley Buddhist Monastery. June 2020
2020-06-21 Kamma Matters 46:38
This is a talk on karma, the 5 precepts, right speech, Black Lives Matter, and the #MeToo movement.
2020-06-21 Four Elements in Every Cell of the Body 21:04
A guided meditation given as part of the Third Sunday program hosted by San Francisco Dharma Collective.
2020-06-21 Know the Right Time for Right Speech 28:49
This talk was given as part of the Third Sunday program hosted by San Francisco Dharma Collective.
2020-05-23 Wondrous Feeling 42:58
Exploring how mindfulness and investigation of feeling tone is woven into many frameworks of practice given by the Buddha - the 5 aggregates, the 4 foundations of mindfulness, the 12 fold chain of causation, the 4 Noble Truths.
2020-04-18 This is The Whole World's Problem 32:35
why and how the Dhamma addresses anxiety about survival, six sense functions, seven awakening factors, Bojjhanga paritta, parenting, pandemic
2020-01-30 Thought After Thought of Freedom Edited 16:38
This thought has been edited for clarity. ~ How to practice with thoughts so that they become thoughts of freedom, five indriya, faculties, poem from The First Free Women, offered at the Saranaloka New Year's Retreat 2019/2020

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